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Brillante Group is the producer of natural and 100% pure pomegranate beverage, which is completely without any additives and sugar Having fully automatic and sophisticated machinery, we have been able to produce natural products made by clear and sweet pomegranate juice. Moreover, not only are we pioneer in pomegranate juice concentrate production in the land of Persia, but also you can enjoy its sour, mild, sweet taste while drinking.

Pomegranate has always been the symbol of love and kindness among different nations. By means of love and technology combination, we produced a product, feeling the pleasant sense of life. Pomegranate is respectable among the people of Iran. It symbolizes the dawn and glow of life and it is an important fruit for Yalda night, one of our traditional celebrations.

The art of making juice

Brillante Group is a combination of the perfect shape of the pomegranate, the red grains and the sun rays absorbed in them

Brillante group is our art with pomegranate flavor and a touch of the most loving red color

Brillante group is our desire for natural fruit and guild ready product


About Us

Presently, Brillante Group export its products to different countries. In addition, we have a great experience in association with export policy. Not only does this experience allow us to guarantee the quality in the best condition, but also we are ready to accept customer orders from all over the world.

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Pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants, which can benefit overall health
The taste may be tart, but it can be sweetened with natural sweeteners
Drinking pomegranate juice should be part of a healthy lifestyle, not a replacement for it
Studies suggest that it may improve heart health and lower inflammation

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